Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Alexander's Army

The 40 faces of the Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2010 line up

Pictures from models.com

Copenhagen Street Style

My favourites this week

Copenhagen Street Style

Monday, 30 August 2010

Love this shoot

This is the photo shoot for September's Numero. The photographer
is Greg Kadel and the model is of course the beautiful Sasha
Pivovarova. I love her look. She has an incredibly structured
face and take amazing photos.

Images from Fashion Gone Rogue

Wild Fox

Here is the Spring 2011 range from Wildfox. I am
definitely going to order a pair of these jeans.
They look amazing.

Images from ilovewildfox

January Jones

These are the latest photos from GQ. January Jones plays Betty
Draper in Mad Men who is beautiful and has great style but I
don't think anyone has seen her look quite this sexy before.

Photos from Ilovewildfox

Friday, 27 August 2010

I like Conquering Animal Sound

Conquering Animal Sound are my friends band and are pretty lovely.
Anneke and Jamie are both very talented and there music puts me
into a bit of an amazing trance. I think everyone should a have
a little listen.


Tim Walker

I began writing a post about Lily Cole, who is one of my
favourite models (being a red head and all that). I then
realised that all my favourite photos of her are taken by
the amazing Tim Walker. So I thought its make more sense
to show a variety of his work first.

I cant quite describe how it makes me feel when I look at
his work. There is something quite magical about it all,
like anything is possible. Its kind of like a grown up
fairy tail. If anything, it is very inspiring.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I really really want a pair of these.


I wish I could always look this cool on my bicycle.

Real Estate

Such an amazing new song.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Fashion Film

On Sunday I spent the day helping two friends make a fashion Film.
Nadia Scullion is the designer. She has graduated from ECA and is
moving down to London soon. I really love her designs and it was
amazing wearing the clothes. Mairi Patterson was filming it and
will spend the next wee while editing it. I am really excited
about how it is going to turn out. Hopefully we will have a
screening night not too far away.

Nadia Scullion