Monday, 23 July 2012

Alessi Brothers


On Thursday night I went to Dundee to see an exhibition
called Paradise Island at the Generator Projects.

I was pretty blown away by the show. The space was so
perfect for it. It is quite an industrial building, with
huge white walls and concrete floors. The space is also
split in two which was ideal, as a lot of the pieces were
dependant upon lighting up a dark space.

This show had paintings, digital prints, sculpture, video
and music. Sheena Leach, Liam Richardson, Callum Monteith and
Diane Edwards have been working together for the past two months.
They have had shows in Bristol, Edinburgh and now Dundee.
I was so impressed by how well everything worked together.
All the pieces really complemented, challenged and amplified
each other. The layout of this show was vital to the end
result. I could tell that every inch had been considered.
The spacing was just as paramount as the pieces themselves.

Here is a little blurb to describe the show in more depth;

Paradise Island aims to reflect varying aspects of
specific cyber symbolism, implementing appropriation
along with original designs constructed by the artists.
Working both individually and as a collective, each piece
is considered to position itself as an element of a wider
picture, mimicking the endless potential that the digital
era has scanned in.

Generator Projects

Cara Delevingne

This is Cara Delevigne for Russh Magazine. I think she is
absolutely gorgeous. Her eyebrows are big and amazing and she
has incredible lips. I want to buy this issue so I can see
the whole shoot.

Sunday, 22 July 2012


Here are some new looks from Cos. I love how consistent
they are, you can always rely on them for good cuts and
some warm, hearty colours. I really love the different
shades of green in this range. I can't wait to go in
and try the new stuff on.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bag 'N' Noun

Bag 'N' Noun products are made in Japan. They specialize in
making high quality bags. I am surprised I have not come
across them before as I love rucksacks, especially ones
which are actually waterproof and come in interesting colours.

Bag 'N' Noun

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I was overwhelmed with the amount of amazing street style
images tonight,there were too many to pick from! I could
spend hours people watching, or looking at street style
images. It is very inspiring and always makes me want to
travel more. Being in a new city is always so exciting, I
love just sitting in a bar or cafe and watching the variety
of people and how they dress. Every city is so different in
its own way.

I have been aware this week how brave people are
in Glasgow, not just brave but also how much effort they put
it to how they dress. I think it is a good sign. It has
rained pretty much every day for the last month and been
incredibly close and humid but still, hoards of people take
the time to dress well. Wanting to look good and thinking
about your style is a positive thing, you are choosing to do
something which involves courage and takes up more time but
will, in the end make you feel better and more comfortable.

The Locals

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Kristina Records is one of those stores that grabs you because
of its muted exterior. The lack of a sign always intrigues me,
it makes me think it must be so cool and be so well used it does't
even need one.

In this case I was very glad I went in. Kristina Records is based
in Dalston and specialises in new and second hand vinyl. It is
worth going in purely to look at the interior of the store. On the
walls there were strips of wood which each record slotted into perfectly.
Below that, there were square wooden dookets which allowed you to easily
browse the huge batch of music. There was also a gorgeous powder blue
turn table allowing you to try a record before purchasing it.

If you are ever strolling down Stoke Newington Road I advise popping in.

Kristina Records

Monday, 16 July 2012


I love these sunglasses and the necklace. I wish I could
leave my house without a coat on just once or twice this year.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Frank Ocean

A friend let me hear Frank Ocean's Album at the weekend.
I absolutely love it. I think he is a little bit of a genius.

The Butterfly and The Pig

This afternoon I went for Afternoon Tea at The Butterfly and The Pig.
My friend was treating her Gran and asked me and another friend along
to join them. It was such a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

The decor of the Tea Rooms is rather regal and old fashioned, which I
think is exactly what you want when going for Afternoon Tea. I want to
be reminded of how women used to dine many years ago. My friends Gran had
a wonderful time, she looked amazing too. We all agreed she looked far cooler
than any of us. She had on a beautiful pastel stripped cotton top with grey
buttons down one side, with a grey high waisted tweed skirt and a burgundy
woolen cardigan. I hope, when I am an older lady I still take such pride in
my appearance.

We were all very impressed with the huge selection of cakes and sandwiches
that were served on delicate, floral china cake stands. There was more than enough
for all of us, in fact, we couldn't finish it all so took some away in a goody bag.

I now want to take my own Gran here for a treat. I would be surprised if
any woman wouldn't enjoy a visit to The Tea Rooms.

The Butterfly and The Pig

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

V Magazine

These are the three covers of V magazine celebrating Musicians and Models.
Sky Ferreira, Grimes and Charli XCX, Stef van der Laan, Daniela Braga,
Kati Nescher, Ava Smith and Thairine Garcia all feature.

Sky Ferreira, Grimes and Charli XCX
Stef van der Laan, Daniela Braga and Kati Nescher

Ava Smith, Thairine Garcia and Kati Nescher