Monday, 2 July 2012

Street Style

When I look at how people dress, whether it be on other blogs,
magazines or the people around me, I have quite an immediate
reaction, either loving or hating it. The interesting thing is,
there isn't one particular 'look' I go for. I love aspects of lots
of different styles.

I know I definitely love eccentricity, this comes from my
Mum standing out in the playground while picking me up. I remember
seeing other Mums always dressed in dark grey or black suits and high
heels. I knew this meant they worked, meaning they would't be home
if they were needed. Then I would see my Mum, her staples were
either leggings with an oversized shirt and chunky socks with Dr
Martens or a long flowing hippy dress, again with Dr Martens. At that
point my Mum didn't work and I loved knowing she was always around, so
I guess I have good association with standing out in a crowd.

My other big love is for simple Scandinavian style. It is known for it's
minimalistic designs, usually edging on the smart side. I don't usually
do smart but I can definitely appreciate and admire understated, simple
clothing. I absolutely love Cos and shop there regularly and if I could
afford it, Acne would also be visited frequently. I guess with this style
I do associate it with striking, naturally beautiful Scandinavian women.
I kind of think the designers must think, if something is already so
beautiful why spoil it with anything garish or busy? They keep the designs
plain and simple, allowing you to see the beauty of the person wearing the

I am glad I don't dress in the same way everyday. I think it would be
pretty boring and a complete waste of some incredible ideas from some
very talented people.