Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Kristina Records is one of those stores that grabs you because
of its muted exterior. The lack of a sign always intrigues me,
it makes me think it must be so cool and be so well used it does't
even need one.

In this case I was very glad I went in. Kristina Records is based
in Dalston and specialises in new and second hand vinyl. It is
worth going in purely to look at the interior of the store. On the
walls there were strips of wood which each record slotted into perfectly.
Below that, there were square wooden dookets which allowed you to easily
browse the huge batch of music. There was also a gorgeous powder blue
turn table allowing you to try a record before purchasing it.

If you are ever strolling down Stoke Newington Road I advise popping in.

Kristina Records