Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I was overwhelmed with the amount of amazing street style
images tonight,there were too many to pick from! I could
spend hours people watching, or looking at street style
images. It is very inspiring and always makes me want to
travel more. Being in a new city is always so exciting, I
love just sitting in a bar or cafe and watching the variety
of people and how they dress. Every city is so different in
its own way.

I have been aware this week how brave people are
in Glasgow, not just brave but also how much effort they put
it to how they dress. I think it is a good sign. It has
rained pretty much every day for the last month and been
incredibly close and humid but still, hoards of people take
the time to dress well. Wanting to look good and thinking
about your style is a positive thing, you are choosing to do
something which involves courage and takes up more time but
will, in the end make you feel better and more comfortable.

The Locals