Monday, 23 July 2012


On Thursday night I went to Dundee to see an exhibition
called Paradise Island at the Generator Projects.

I was pretty blown away by the show. The space was so
perfect for it. It is quite an industrial building, with
huge white walls and concrete floors. The space is also
split in two which was ideal, as a lot of the pieces were
dependant upon lighting up a dark space.

This show had paintings, digital prints, sculpture, video
and music. Sheena Leach, Liam Richardson, Callum Monteith and
Diane Edwards have been working together for the past two months.
They have had shows in Bristol, Edinburgh and now Dundee.
I was so impressed by how well everything worked together.
All the pieces really complemented, challenged and amplified
each other. The layout of this show was vital to the end
result. I could tell that every inch had been considered.
The spacing was just as paramount as the pieces themselves.

Here is a little blurb to describe the show in more depth;

Paradise Island aims to reflect varying aspects of
specific cyber symbolism, implementing appropriation
along with original designs constructed by the artists.
Working both individually and as a collective, each piece
is considered to position itself as an element of a wider
picture, mimicking the endless potential that the digital
era has scanned in.

Generator Projects