Sunday, 14 February 2010

Alexa Chung

If I absolutely had to pick my ultimate style icon it would have to be Chung. There is definitely tough competition but overall taking everything into consideration it would have to be her. It definitely helps that she is totally amazing looking and could pretty much look good in anything, but that aside she just knows what looks good and I just happen to agree with all her fashion choices.

I love how she can make a totally elegant posh dress look a little scruffy but still look amazing. I know that I personally dont feel 100% comfortable in a posh dress and heels, I usually have to dress it down by wearing flats or boots. I also quite like wearing a man's suit jacket over a posh dress, which Chung is definitely a fan of.
She also pulls off over the knee socks without looking slutty. She'll wear them with something that contrasts how provocative the socks are, like wellys or a vintage granny like dress.

If I ever need some inspiration for an outfit I look at my wall of vogue cut outs or google Alexa Chung images.