Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Exciting times ahead

This week is about to get super busy in the best possible way.
Its my boyfriends Birthday on Thursday and at night we are
going to Stereo for what I know will be an amazing gig. The
night is to raise money for The glad Cafe which is a south
side music and arts venue opening in 2011. Dam mantle, Conquering
Animal sound, Barn Owl and Song of Return are playing. Our
friends/family from France are also arriving that night and
a couple are staying with us so that's going to be lovely too!

Then on Friday its my good friends Wedding Party. Its at the Fruit
Market so its going to be huge! We are singing in a band doing a
bunch of crazy pop tunes which has turned to be hard work but such
such fun.

There is even more fun planned for the days after but I should
stop babbling. This song by Girls is one of my favourites and
it makes me really happy just now.

Girls - Lust for Life from Focus Creeps on Vimeo.