Thursday, 28 October 2010

Glad Rags

Last Saturday was Glad Rags, the clothes swapping event I
helped to organise. It was a total success and a lot of fun!!

The day before the event the new Glad Cafe tote
bags arrived, which Dan my boyfriend designed.

At night we all got together to organise the clothes
into categories....and of course try some on!

On the morning of the event we had to set up. We had
far more clothes than we had imagined we'd have so there
was a lot of folding to do.

People were waiting outside before we opened the doors which
was exciting, and when we did finally open the doors, the
whole day was just lovely.

We had some delicious home baking for sale....

And we had some lovely girls doing hair and
make up for free so there were curly locks everywhere!

I think everyone who came got some nice new things.
I managed to get a couple Mad Men style blouses and
a pair of new boots, so I am more than content. We plan
to do more of these days. It is such a great way of
people coming together to share old things and recycle.

The Glad Cafe
Wool Design