Friday, 9 July 2010

Animal Collective in Prospect Park

Last summer while I was in New York, my boyfriend and I went to see Animal Collective. They are probably one of my favourite bands and this night made me love them even more. The night just summed up everything I love about New York.

It had been a really hot day and before the gig we went for wings,burgers and of course happy hour 2 for 1 cocktails.

We then got the subway to Prospect park in Brooklyn.

It was still really hot and the park was just filled with a totally diverse group of people. All different ages, everyone with picnic blankets, food and drinks. No one being too loud or invasive. There was just a genuine respect and consideration for the music.

Animal Collective came on just after the sun set and it was unbelievable. The lighting they had was amazing and it was so dark in the park that it looked incredible.It had cooled down by this point. We stood and danced for half the gig then went back and lay on the grass for the second half.

On the way out afterwards I noticed the vast amount of bicycles, so many people had cycled to the gig. I so wish Glasgow was a little more like New York.