Monday, 26 July 2010

Mad Men

I've recently started watching Mad Men. I've totally fallen for it. Its just so sleek and easy to watch. The depth of each character makes it very easy to get hooked to. The visual style is incredible and definitely part of the reason I love it so much.

It is teaching me about the style in an era that I wasn't that clued up on. Although the women in Mad Men are not quite 'equal' to men and are most definitely seen as the housewife or typist they hold an incredible amount of power. The clothes although not revealing in any way are tailored to perfection creating a very sexy and elegant style.

The Guardian managed to sum up the importance of style on the show very well,

"Mad Men isn't just reeling in the viewers, it's starting trends. Visually distinctive, it combines starched elegance, architecturally-complex underwear and suits sharp enough to cut through any boardroom tension. The success of the Mad Men style is down to the obsessive attention to detail, which almost fetishises the early 60s setting"