Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mangle Vintage Stockholm

Mangle Vintage was the first vintage shop I went into in Stockholm. It is very near the Medborgarplatsen
stop in Sodermalm. It only sells men's vintage, which is very unusual but quite nice and should be a
more common thing! The girl who ran the shop was so incredibly helpful and warm. She let me take lots of
photos and wanted to know why we were in Stockholm and if we were enjoying it. I told her I was on the
hunt for vintage shops and she very happily drew me a great childlike map on a scrap bit of paper. It led
us into the heart of all the best streets with fantastic shops and deli's and bars.

The clothes in the shop were very diverse. They ranged from really old vintage stuff that my Papa would have
worn to 80s shirts and a lot of denim. It was great for men's accessories too, lots of leather bags, ties,
scarves and shoes. All very reasonably priced. I highly recommend this beautiful shop.

Mangle Vintage
Gƶtgatan 37, 118 21 Stockholm, Sweden