Wednesday, 21 March 2012

All That Is Solid

I was disappointed to find out that the GMBH publication shop in The Lighthouse had closed.
I used to look forward to treating myself to a new, slightly more obscure magazine every now and then.
Especially Self Service.

I have since found out that GMBH now have a small section in the new All That Is Solid space on Osborne
Street. All That is Solid is the name of the collective that will manage the South Block, which is run by
Wasps Studios. South Block is an amazing new 50,000 sq.ft. studio complex in the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant
City. Designed by award-winning architects, NORD, South Block provides 96 studios for Glasgow’s creative community.

The space is really special and very different from anything else in Glasgow. The shop has a cafe in it and a
collection of books, objects, furniture and artworks for sale.

South Block
Self Service
Wasps Studios