Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Last year I wrote about Uttu, a label from Istanbul. Just last month I had the
pleasure of receiving an email from Gökçe Çıbık, the designer. She sent me
some amazing photographs of her latest collection. The collection is named
"You look familiar'. The designs have progressed in a very natural yet exciting
way. Gökçe very kindly agreed to do an interview with me to give a clearer
insight into her new collection.

Where are you right now?

I am in istanbul :)

Where do you usually work from?

From my office or sometimes from my home.

You studied architecture before going on to fashion design,
what led you on to that change?

I always had an interest for fashion since my childhood. I used to spend so much
time with my toys and dressing them with the fabric pieces that i got from anywhere 
I could. Designing was the key point to me and because of the education system in 
Turkey, I chose studying architecture which I do still like. After graduation 
I worked as an architect for several years. But as years past, I figured out the 
passion for fashion grew inside me and then I decided to study fashion design as well. 
After that, I set up of my own fashion label.

Your last collection was very pretty and slightly child like, whereas your latest range
is very sexy and slightly seductive, was this a deliberate decision or did it progress naturally?

True story :) First collection was very childish. I can say the second one is more feminine. 
The most important thing to me is keeping the simplicity and details.  I wanted to try different
things. Actually I wanted uttu to grow a little bit. Also physically as well, size 40 is available 
in the second collection :) In one way if was a decision, but we can call it a natural progress 
 as well.

A lot of fashion designers feel the need to move to a fashion capital like London or Paris,
I admire that you are working from home in Istanbul, do you find it works okay?

Thank you so much, I'm trying and going on my own way. Actually everything is still so 
fresh. As shopping is online from the website, there are many uttu lovers all over the world. 
That's the beauty of internet :)

Who are your favourite designers?

I'm in love with A.P.C. Apiece Apart, Rachel Comey, Rachel Antonoff, Samantha Pleet, 
Jil Sander, Comme Des Garcons, Bea Szenfeld and many others :)

How do you spend your time, when you are not designing or sewing?

Dealing with all the other things to do about the brand as I'm the only one behind it. 
Checking e-mails, arranging the packages and going to the post office for shipping 
as well :) I also love spending time with animals. There are so many cats on the streets of 
Istanbul, dogs as well. I'm trying take care and feed them as much as I can. I have a 
cat as well. Other than that I'm a movie lover. Also trying to catch the concerts around 
the city. I want to start dancing and playing an instrument. I spend so much time reading
about music and love to explore new bands.

What is your rough plan for the next year?

I have many things to do. I madly want to work men collection as well for example. 
But first of all I need to deal with the timing of collections and want to create more, but as I said
before, i'm the only one behind the brand, unfortunately I have timing problems. Will figure it out :)