Thursday, 9 February 2012

Fashion as it happens

When I was a kid I had a pay up scheme with our local electrical shop. I went in once a week with a few pounds to
put towards buying a new CD player and the man would put it away and tell me how much I still had left to pay.
Eventually I got to take my new CD player home. It took me months but it was so, so exciting and it meant I really
appreciated it. A little deferred gratification you could say.

I also remember sending letters. I would write to my Nana in Edinburgh and also a pen pal in Japan. It would take
weeks for a reply but there wasn't any rush, you were just happy to hear from the person and find out what had been
going on. Now with any friend I have that lives far away, we either text, email or use Facebook or Twitter. Exactly
as when they lived near by. In so many ways this is fantastic but I do miss the suspense and excitement of a letter
coming through the door. Trying to keep up with everyone's lives as they happen is quite stressful, but it's just
how it is done these days. Everything is so instant. If you're having a conversation with friends and a question
comes up and no one knows the answer, someone will pull out an iPhone and find out the answer straight away.
There is no waiting in life anymore, no unknown.

With Fashion, you used to have to wait a month for the next magazine issue to find out all the news from the runway shows,
designers and what the latest trends were. Although we all still buy magazines, we have usually seen the front cover on a
blog or read snippets on Twitter. People pretty much update pictures from shows at fashion week as soon as the show is finished.

I only recently joined Twitter and I actually really like it but I didn't like the fact that I saw the front cover of Vogue
before my subscription came through my door. It kind of spoiled it for me. But then I am part of that, I put up the latest
magazine covers on my blog every month and I am sure I spoil it for many other people. But if I didn't, then I'd be behind
and my blog wouldn't really work as people would read the information somewhere else first! So we are all forced to live in
this new fast paced way.

It is fantastic as it represents how advanced technology is. It is why blogs work so well and how they have become so huge in the last few years. I can't really complain as I am an active participant in this whole phenomenon. I get such joy from writing about fashion and sharing my opinions with like minded people. I want to know as much as I can as quickly as I can and the best way to do that these days is through the internet.

I think it's more about how much more information you can get from the internet. For example, I used to only use recipe books
to cook but now if the recipe isn't quite what I fancy I'll Google something more specific and most of the time I'll get it.
I am spoiled! Spoiled with information at my fingertips. So when I am reading a fashion magazine I tend to, at some point,
look up some specific detail online; A designers name, a blog, or an event, just because I can. If you have the option to
find out more information on a subject that intrigues and inspires you then you are going to do it. Aren't you?!