Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Supermarket is Stockholm's Independent Art Fair. Superclub is an artist-run gallery, project space and working
studio based in Edinburgh. Superclub asked my friends Rickie and Jamie McNeil to represent them in Stockholm.
I went along because I love them, I love their work and I predicted I would love Stockholm. I was right. It ended
up being a truly amazing week. The art fair was held in The Kulturhuset which is a huge cultural centre right in
the heart of Stockholm. They took over two floors and had around 80 artists exhibiting. It was an incredible
place to be. Rickie and Jamie produced 70(or so) A3 sized collaborative collages which were photocopied full size
and then wallpaperpasted on to the 3 walls. Over which they hung 4 framed drawings. Their space was brave and
distinct and I am sure everyone who walked through it would agree.