Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Scary Photoshoot

Around 3 years ago I did this photoshoot with my friend Jennifer. We hadn't known each other long
but I was very excited by the thought of doing a shoot in an abandoned house. The shoot was for Hannah
Livingston, a fantastic jewellery designer. This old house is down a private road so we had to be very
careful not to be seen. Once we got in we shut the door behind us and had to be very quiet in case any
passers by heard us. The house was pretty terrifying. There were weird mannequins dotted around in random
creepy positions. The other frightening thing were the pigeons. They would appear from nowhere and just
fly at you! It was quite funny but also rather startling. It seemed so sad that that house wasn't in use,
it was so huge and had incredible features. We all had a lot of fun that day and I would love to go back.

Hannah Livingston
Jennifer Connolly
Black Box Boutique