Sunday, 1 April 2012


Since I was really tiny I have been on a bike. From a very young age I was on my Mum's bike.
At first a seat on the front and then when I got bigger, I was on the back. I always felt
really safe and got used to balancing very early on. I vividly remember the day I learned to cycle
on my own without stabilisers. I remember my Mum holding on to the bike while I pedalled and then
turning around and realising I was doing it all on my own. It was such an amazing feeling, cycling is
incredibly empowering. Even as a child it does so much for your confidence.

I cycled to Primary School every day as a child. One mile there and one mile back. My Mum and I would
chat and play word games and generally enjoy being outside. I feel so lucky that I got exercise and fresh
air everyday before being stuck in a class room all day. So many kids now are ferried to and from places
in a car. I just think it is so boring, on a bike I felt like I was on an adventure everyday. I also,
NEVER got ill at primary school. Another mega plus to being outdoors.

Yesterday I went on my first big cycle in ages. I went with some friends and we had the nicest day. We
felt like we were in a gang! It is so fun cycling in a group, if I was at the front I felt great because I
knew they were all right behind me and if I was at the back I could see my friends all ahead having fun. We
all went at a similar pace which was good. We had a picnic when we arrived at Bowling and lay in the sun for a
while. We decided to cycle along the canal back to Glasgow, It was lovely. When we arrived back we went to the
pub and had pints and chips. It had to be done.