Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Clean Slate

Vogue says - 'Skilful layering, proportion play and bold displays
of colour (note the new bi- and tri-colour accessories) bring a
youthful, sporty, spin to classic seperates. In a first look at
Autumn, here's how to dress now'.

It is not often that I take the time to scan images from a magazine
onto my computer. It needs to be something really amazing. I think
this shoot is very special. The model Suvi Koponen is Finnish and
absolutely gorgeous. I like simple beauty, I love women that wear
hardly any make up and just throw their hair up, like in this shoot,
and look incredibly sexy. I find it much more attractive than someone
who is overly preened.

The shoot involves a lot of bold colours, structure and oversized clothing.
I saw a lot of women dressing like this in Stockholm, very simply but
with great attention to detail. I like this sort of style and will
enjoy embracing it in cooler months.