Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Cos Sale

It is a dangerous time again, Cos have a sale. Cos are
different for other stores, their reductions are actually
significant and their sale is tidy. I want to look through
everything because it is neat and orderly.

Here are a few things I would like. I have tried on the
White blouse and the Blue sleeveless blazer and loved them
so they are likely purchases. I also love the black dress.
I don't own a 'little black dress'. Part of this is because
my Mum hates black, she associates it with hoards of people
going to work in offices everyday and only ever wearing black.
To her, it is boring. I know what she means but sometimes black
is pretty amazing. I associate a black dress like this one with
a date. It is the perfect date dress. I know it would be
comfortable and although it has a little gap on the back,which
I usually hate, I think it is pretty subtle and still very 'Cos'.