Tuesday, 12 June 2012

L'atelier / Dalston / London

Stumbling across this little haven whilst wondering the streets of East London
topped off an already wonderful day. L'atelier has only been open for a month so I feel
very lucky that I managed to check it out.

From the outside L'atelier looks very understated,which is something that usually attracts
me to an eating or drinking place. We had a quick look inside and liked it so asked to look
at the menu. They only had two savoury options for lunch. One Salad and one Main. This made
me love it even more. I love it when places only focus on one or two meals but do them very well.
We loved the sound of both so decided to sit in. It wasn't until I sat down that I fully appreciated
this incredible space.

It turns out L'atelier is both a furniture shop and a Cafe. They source everything from flea
markets, auctions, travelling, junk in the street and also make some things too. It is one of
the most beautiful and comfortable places I have ever eaten in. There was lots of reclaimed
wooden tables and shelves, enamel factory light shades hung from the ceiling with rusty chains
and there were gorgeous old bottles and jugs spotted all over the place. The food was amazing
and so was the service. It was a very chilled place to be in and also had a lot of lovely things
to look at. If I lived in Dalston I would definitely be a regular.